Example: Issue Tracking
Apple (beta)
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An app for construction inspections and issue tracking:

1. Project members fill the inspection forms, submit new issues.
2. Managers assign the issues to the responsible member, and set the issue state to "Assigned".
3. The responsible people work on the issues, and set the state to "Work Completed" for review when the work has been done.
4. Managers review the work, and close the issue by setting the state to "Closed".

Managers have full access to the issues and inspections, while project members can only make changes to the related works. Reviews can only be written by the manager. System Administrator can create and edit user account for new project members.


Manager & System Administrator: Walter ([email protected])
Manager: Michael ([email protected])
Member: Austin ([email protected])
Member: Daniel ([email protected])
Member: Harry ([email protected])

(Password for all: demopass)
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