How it works
No coding skills required. Just focus on your data, and how your users interact with the data.
Define your Data
By using the easy-to-use data editor, you tell us:
  • How your data look like
  • How they are related
  • How your users can access them
If you aleardy have data in CSV files, you can import them.
Test your Backend

We instantly create an Admin Backend based on your data model.

By playing with it, you get a feeling whether we understand your data model. You will use the Admin Backend manage your data as well as your users and the data entered by them.

You can refine your data definition at any time. We update your Admin Backend.

Design your App
By using the easy-to-use app editor, you tell us:
  • How your mobile pages look like
  • How they are linked
  • How your users can access the data
    Test your App

    We instantly create your cross-platform Web App based on your input.

    By playing with it, you get a feeling whether this could be something useful for you and your users.

    You can change and extend your frontend as frequently as you want. We update your Apps.

    We also create native app for touch devices (android and iOS) for the best user experience.
    Launch it

    You have two environments: test and live. When you have the prototype ready in the test mode, you can launch it to live.

    While you continuously grow your app in iterations, we make all necessary updates and make sure everything just works for you.

    Do it yourself (5 min.)

    A mobile app enables users holding conversations in the form of posted messages.

    1. Editor: define the data model Post and Comment
    2. Admin Backend: add posts and comments
    3. Editor: add a post list page and a post detail page
    4. App: add more posts and comments
    5. Editor: add a user detail page
    6. Editor: add list-and-detail layout for tablet
    7. Launch it
    7-day free trial, no credit card required
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