Example: AirBnB Clone
A service that enables users to list a room in their house for rent to people that are traveling for a short period of time.
  1. Host can list her/his apartments
  2. Guest can contact the host
  3. Registration is required for hosts, but not for guests
  4. An apartment can have up to 3 photos
  5. An apartment can have one map
  6. Inquiries are not visible for the public
  7. Host can view and delete the inquiries sent to her/him
  8. Apartments can be sorted by the price
  1. Editor: define the data model Apartment and Inquiry
  2. Admin Backend: add a second user Marc
  3. Editor: add two navigation pages: All apartments and My apartments
  4. App: Administrator and Marc each submits an apartment
  5. Editor: add two popup pages: an apartment detail page and a host detail page; place a Contact Host button on the apartment detail page
  6. App: Administrator contacts Marc for a stay
  7. Editor: add two private navigation pages: Inquiries send to me and Inquiries send by me
  8. Launch it
7-day free trial, no credit card required
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