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No App Coding
You don’t need to code the app. You can use our drag-and-drop app editor to create your app, which is optimized for phones as well as tablets, without writing a single line of code.
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No Server Coding
You don’t need to code the server. You can model your data with our easy-to-use data editor, and manage the data through an admin backend. We create the backend serving your app.
Hassle-free Hosting
You don't need to worry about all the tech stuff with hosting and server configuration. With our cloud-based service, your app lives in the cloud and it just works.
User Management
User registration works out-of-box. You decide what your users can do with the data. You can manage them and data entered by them by using the admin backend.
Your app is made for multiple mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you want, you can also use any modern web browser on a laptop or PC to run your app.
Native Android
Your android users are happy to see your app in the native look-and-feel, and most important, the native performance. No Javascript, no WebView, everything is native.
Prototype in Minutes
Not sure if your idea will work on the mobile? You can create prototype in minutes, test workflows and refine. Just clone one of our demo apps to see how it works.
Launch in Minutes
You have two environments: test and live. Once you have the prototype ready, you can launch it and continuously grow your app in iterations. Everything get updated automatically.
Demo Apps - See for Yourself

Web Forum

A mobile app enables users holding conversations in the form of posted messages.

AirBnB Clone

A service that enables users to list a room in their house for rent to people that are traveling for a short period of time.

Issue Tracking

A construction project has inspections in three main areas: brickwork, interior, and green area. 1. Project mem...
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